Kids Love Writing

AIW Online Camps

Campers entering grades 1-8

Interactive camp experience featuring music, technology, & credentialed teachers! Half Day and Full Day options. Programs for grades 1-8.  
(Spring Break & Summer online programs)

AIW On-Campus Camps

Campers entering grades 1-8

On-Campus sessions featuring music, outoor activities and writing in a COVID-safe* setting!
Programs for grades 1-8.  
(Three-week on-campus programs)

After-School Adventures Online

Campers entering grades 1-5

Campers work with credentialed teachers and actors and to learn about informational and creative writing. This is an online writing ADVENTURE, not an online course!
(6-week online program, twice/week)

Online 1:1 Instruction

Campers entering grades 1-8

Children work individually with instructors to improve their skills in a writing aspect of their parents’ choice. Available year round, flexible scheduling customizable content.
(Custom timeframe)

Online Courses

Campers entering grades 1-8

Flexible courses for your friend-group or learning-pod. Available year round.