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This summer, authors, teachers, and musicians are teaming up to help students develop writing skills…and fall in love with writing!

Adventures in Writing Camp helps young writers write, edit, and publish their own eBook under the guidance of professional authors and teachers. Lessons are delivered as songs, and new writing skills are practiced through games, theater, and songwriting.

The program is designed to inspire reluctant writers and delight those that already have “the bug.”

Kids Love Writing is a 501(c)3 organization devoted to helping kids fall in love with writing. By helping students create their own books in a fun, inclusive environment, we provide young people positive, confidence-building experiences with writing. We are excited to bring Adventures in Writing Camp to YOUR young writer!

Students who struggle with writing face persistent challenges in school and their careers. Kids who love writing will write more, become better writers, and position themselves for better futures. This young writers skills camp offers creative writing programs for kids. This summer writing program is all about helping kids write, and helping kids develop writing skills!

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