We approach writing from many different angles

No two campers are alike, and our curriculum and activity design reflects that reality.

Auditory learners love that we’ve worked with professional musicians to turn the curriculum into professionally produced pop songs. Every school year we hear from parents and teachers who tell us that their child is performing substantially better in writing because of things “they remember from the songs!” (Click here to hear examples of these songs.)

Kinesthetic learners love the verbal and physical story telling elements in learning games borrowed from “improv” theater.

Some reluctant writers love being able to use an iPad to create a story about any (family friendly) topic of their choosing. Others come alive writing rap lyrics for good-natured “rap battles” with other camp sessions. While we feel privileged to work with all of the campers, we do take a special joy in seeing the many, many reluctant writers each summer who fall in love with writing at Adventures in Writing Camp.

Traditional learners thrive in the project-based learning environment. The curriculum is created fresh each year, and we remain committed to providing campers positive, confidence-building experiences with writing.